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This is a free weekly series of workshops for booksellers and entrepreneurs of all stripes.  We dig deep, answer your questions and talk about what is changing every week in e-commerce and bookselling 

The Busproof Workshop is every Monday at 2pm Eastern hosted on Crowdcast.  There is nothing to download.  Just sign up and join us.


Greg Murphy

I'm a serial entrepreneur and a bookseller for almost a decade.  I've sold over a million used books locally in my hometown of Dayton, Ohio and around the world in every way possible.  Through traditional brick and mortar, on Amazon and other ecommerce platforms and through my own website. The weekly workshop is all about sharing my success with as many people as possible, through interviewing other experts and offering up all the tips and tricks I'm using to be on the front edge of the changing landscape of bookselling.


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