Access Codes... What you need to know



 Access Codes... What You Need To Know


These thin little unassuming pieces of paper are one of our favorite things to see when we are out buying. They are very undervalued by consumers who have them, because they are usually included in a bundle which disguises their cost & value.  

What are access codes

Access codes are a doorway to restricted online content. The student enters their code, which is usually unique to each user, and now have study materials, online assignments, online quizzes & tests, and other content relating to the course they are taking. The access is usually for a specific period of time, maybe a semester for a specific class, or sometimes up to a couple years if it’s an ongoing program of study.

Great when we find them in a book

Access codes are often an overlooked source of great profit. Most book buyers we know first learn about codes by accidently finding one left in a textbook. We would encourage you to check...

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Every White Line Isn't A Crosswalk

greg murphy textbooks Dec 05, 2017

It is officially December, and for many Amazon sellers it means getting all the stuff they can get out the door for the Christmas rush.  And I do totally understand that thinking.  A lot of money is made during Q4.  But, I like books better.  By staying focused we are set up for an amazing textbook season. 

 To me it kind of feels like you might have to make a choice.  We did $500,000 in sales last January and 99% of those sales were in books.  It is the most wonderful time of the year, but you have to be ready.  So if you are serious about books, ship in the rest of the doodads you bought from Walmart and let’s get down to business. Go ahead.  I’ll wait…

 You didn’t go.  That’s ok.  It’s a free country.  You might not be convinced yet that Q4 isn’t the golden goose. 

“Greg,” you say. “Everyone is talking about Q4 on Amazon.  Isn’t that...

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