Thrift Store Sourcing Flow Chart

Uncategorized Jan 12, 2016

Do you and/or your thrift-store Book-Sourcers (people whom you pay to buy/source books for you) need a visual of the book-sourcing process? If so, below is a flow chart that I created to help!

Book Sourcing Flow Chart

When talking to management I would encourage my Book-Sourcers to ask for a discount since they are planning on buying a lot of books. They could say something along the lines of, “I’m planning on buying lots of books this morning/afternoon/evening. If I buy over 50 books would you be willing to give me an additional discount?”

Even if they can’t talk to management until after they’ve filled the cart with books, it is still a good idea to ask for a discount. Thrift-store managers like to sell books, especially some of the obscure Non-Fiction titles that are profitable online. By giving you and your shoppers a discount, they will be encouraging you to come back again.

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