Busproof Podcast Episode 29: Launching A Local Business

Uncategorized Jun 23, 2017


Have you ever wondered what it takes to open a brick-and-mortar book store? What types of marketing strategies should you consider leading up to the grand opening? On today’s episode, I’m taking you on a deep dive of what we have learned here at Busproof with the launch and opening of our new 20,000 square-foot brick-and-mortar book store.

I’m sharing the marketing and promotional strategies I used to get my local market excited about the store’s opening, some of the challenging experience that we have experienced throughout the process, and how we handled negative feedback from the community when we announced that our Dollar Book Swap days would be reduced to monthly events.

 This week on the Bus Proof Business Podcast:

1. Using social media to build your network, grow relationships, and build your business
The double-edged sword of building a local business through social media and community buy-in
2.  Handling negative feedback from the local community
3.  The organic reach of Facebook groups vs Facebook Page posts
4.  Using Facebook Live and presenting yourself correctly in your marketing efforts
5.  Creating community buy-in and lifelong customers
6.  Benefits of having a verified Facebook page
7.  Incorporating community programs into your business model
8.  The importance of growing an email list and why a call to action is important


Mentioned in This Episode:

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Murphy’s Used Books Facebook page
Dollar Book Swappers Facebook Group





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