Breaking News: It’s 2016 (not 1946)

Uncategorized Aug 23, 2016

Two weeks ago my family and I piled into our 12 passenger Nissan NV van and left for Louisville, Kentucky. The destination? Educating for Success’ annual Home Business Conference. This year I was scheduled to speak, not to just be a spectator. I felt that my 90 minute talk on the incredible opportunities that there are in online selling (specifically on Amazon) went well. There was a lot of enthusiasm and eagerness amongst the crowd to give “Used book selling” some serious thought.

After a couple of days doing my best to encourage a large group of wonderful people in the right direction we were on the road again, this time we were headed to the Noah Conference (about 3 hours away in northern Kentucky). Just like the Home Business Conference in Louisville the theme of this conference was “Building a Family Economy”. I was asked to speak on their Family Economy panel to discuss our business model with the families in attendance.

Honestly, I had no idea what I was getting into. All of the business models that were being promoted from the stage were so, circa 1940s. There’s nothing wrong with starting a lawn-care, window washing or poop-scooping business – but I seemed to get a lot of push-back for even suggesting that there may be some other options. Obviously, I am a huge advocate of ecommerce, we’re on pace to do over $1 Million in sales this year on Amazon, so that makes sense, but the internet also offers a ton of other opportunities to make money.

There’s; blogging, affiliate marketing, consulting, social media marketing, being a virtual assistant, web-design, being a web-master, graphic design, YouTube DIY, just to name a few. You should have seen the look on the Insurance guy’s face (who also happens to be the President of Generations with Vision) when I suggested to the audience that it they didn’t have money to buy books they could source free books out of dumpsters. My question for my audience was, “How bad do you really want this?” If it means the world to you to be home more, in order to maximize your time with your family, shouldn’t that be demonstrated in your actions?

So how bad do you really want to make this business work? Do you REALLY want it, or are you just saying that you do? I know a lot of well meaning people that see the value in building a home-based Amazon selling business, but really don’t have the passion to see it through. Do you want it to work so bad that you would be willing to solicit all of your family and friend for free books to seed the growth of your business? Would you be willing to call every Estate Sale company in your area in search of cheap inventory? How about this, would you be willing to, if pressed, go through dumpsters of books to find free inventory? A lot of people say that they would like to start a business, but when push comes to shove they bail, which sort of person are you?

All-in-all we had a great trip! It is always fun rubbing shoulders with other like-minded entrepreneurs. The truth of the matter is, we all have tons of opportunity at our fingertips (it's 2016, not 1946), someone once said, “It has never been easier to start a business than it is today.”, and I whole-heartedly agree! If you haven't started to build your own bookselling business -- just know we're here to help you find the way!

Bryan Young


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