Brand Restrictions and the Effects on Booksellers

Uncategorized Aug 27, 2016

(Spoiler Alert.  The answer is none.) 

 I’ve gotten few baffling emails from some of you guys in the past week or so talking about these new brand restrictions on Amazon.  My first reaction was “What the heck are you talking about?”    

 Then I got an email from my good friend Britni Ross with a great pic of her looking flummoxed and the caption “What the hell is happening?  Is the Amazon sky falling?”  She goes on to explain how this isn’t the case and you should check them out to learn more about this if you do more than books. 

 It seems like every time these things happen we get renewed interests in our model… until something else shiny comes along. 

 Book sellers are usually in our own little world, and just like usual, this latest big change hasn’t had an impact on my business.   Books are simple, low maintenance and easily understood by our customers and sellers.  A book is a book.  They are almost never counterfeit, (although lately we are hearing some of the Chicken Little type people calling to be on the look out for counterfeit textbooks.) 

 We sort through millions of books a year, and without a doubt books are still the absolute best way to sell on amazon, with the absolute best margins and the lowest barrier to entry.  If all this is true, then why don’t we see more competition?

 It just isn’t sexy.  I’m a garbage man basically.  Even other book people look down their nose at us.  But that’s ok.  You can keep going from shiny thing to shiny thing if you want.  Keep flipping those Oreos, and try and stay one step ahead of everyone else, while we keep plugging away.

 If I am slightly ham handed  in my analysis it is because we are at the end of August right now.   Sales are better than ever before, and as I have said I do feel like a genius between July and January and an idiot between February and June.  You may have to deal with these new imagined IQ points for a little bit longer :) 

-Greg Murphy


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