Book Scouting Subscription Options: ASellerTool vs Neatoscan

Uncategorized Jan 12, 2016

We use ASellerTool’s program for PDA Scouting and in this article I wanted to touch quickly on the various programs and services that they have to offer as well as spend a few moments looking at one of their main competitors, Neatoscan.

AsellerTool has three different programs, they offer Android/iPhone Scouting, PDA Scouting and Amazon Batch Listing.

The Android/iPhone Scouting program is very similar to the down-loadable Amazon database for the PDA but it’s formatted for a smart phone. You are able to download all of the necessary info right onto your phone without the extra equipment. FBAScan is the name of the app that you download onto your device and it will do live, or local searches, depending on whether or not you have service. You can use your smart-phone’s camera to scan barcodes, or your could purchase a Bluetooth Laser scanner and sync it up with your device for much quicker scanning (Bluetooth laser scanners cost between $200-400 on Amazon and eBay).

The only downfall to this option is that you are downloading a rather large program onto your smart phone, do you really want to tie-up, up to 2GB of memory on your phone? But, on the flip-side, there are some benefits to being able to have access to live and/or local Amazon data all on one device. I must admit, it would be rather convenient. You may want to look into purchasing this program for your book-scouters and just have them download the program right onto their phone, this way you wouldn’t have to worry about lost or broken equipment (although this hasn’t been a problem for us at all).

They also offer a PDA Scouting Program. Here you have a couple of options you can use your own PDA or you can rent one from AsellerTool, which is an intriguing option. On their website you can:

  1. Buy a used PDA for $499 (with the 5E2 scanner) or $599 (with the 5P scanner), and these packages both come with four months of service ($120 value). The 5P scanner is better at capturing barcodes, especially in outdoor settings.
  2. Lease the Dell X51 PDA for FREE ($70 refundable deposit), and buy the laser scanner. This package will cost you either $299 (5E2) or $399 (5P). This includes one month of free service.
  3. Sign up for the “Full Rental Package” which is $14.95/month for the hardware and $30/month for the software subscription ($45/total for one device)

When we originally signed up for AsellerTool a few years back they only had one option, which was that you needed to own your own PDA and scanner, and then you would pay monthly for access to the Amazon database. We currently own 4 active PDAs that are used among all of our book-sourcers, which brings the monthly rate per unit down a bit, but if you’re just getting started out and you decide to go the PDA route you may want to explore these other options.

Included with both of their scouting programs is their down-loadable Amazon Batch Listing software, which provides you a way of quickly listing your books for sale on Amazon similar to ScanLister.

Subscription Pricing


For one device, whether it’s a smart-phone or PDA, they charge $30/month on a month to month plan. You can also commit to multiple months in order to save a little more. As you grow your book-selling business and add multiple devices to your subscription AsellerTool will give you a nice break on price.

Live Scouting


AsellerTool also offers Live Scouting on its app FBAScan. If you are interested in doing some retail arbitrage and would like to do some in store, live evaluation, you could us the FBAScan app. Of the four main phone scouting apps I think that this one comes in last, I would rank them; 1) Scotify, 2) ScanPower, 3) Profit Bandit, and 4) FBAScan. Their live scanning app just doesn’t have the features that the other ones offer. But it’s always nice to have a back-up app on your device, so with these scanning packages you’ll also get limited access to FBAScan Live on your phone.

Again, for more information go to

For a short video on how AST works check out this youtube video: – or simply search asellertool on Youtube to find a plethora of video reviews.


Neatoscan, a Minnesota based company, also offers some programs very similar with what AsellerTool has to offer. They do not have a PDA and/or barcode scanner leasing program, but you can purchase new equipment (although it seems rather expensive). Their subscription programs offer options for both PDA & smart-phone downloads.


The monthly subscription fees are significantly higher than what AsellerTool has to offer, but notice that you do get a slight discount for paying for quarterly and not monthly. To be honest, I’ve never used Neatoscan before and wasn’t able to dig up an solid info on their website in regards to any advantage that they may have over the competition. I’ve watched a handful of videos and have spoken with some other online sellers that use Neatoscan and have come to the conclusion that their interface is very simular to what you get with ASellerTool.

Neatoscan also offers some Inventory Management and Evaluator programs that could help your Amazon business in other ways, could be worth looking into. They claim that they will provide you a “turn-key” listing and inventory management set up, but in order to get pricing you’ll need to chat with a customer service representative.

For more information on the services that Neatoscan offers go to

For a short video on how Neatoscan works check out this Youtube: or keyword search “Neatoscan” on Youtube for more options.


There you have it! If you have an opinion on the matter and you’d like to weigh in please post your comments below.

Have a great day & happy scanning!

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